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I. This is the newest chapter in a lifelong project, a decade in the making. For the past ten years, I have stuck religiously to a three-books-per-week policy. For the past nine years or so, I have kept a Google Drive folder that contains a PDF copy of every book I have read, every highlight made, and every note taken.

This Substack will be the product of that reading.

My ambition is to condense a few hundred-thousand hours of reading into a series of essays that stand the test of time

II. If you are on Twitter, so is Essayful.

III. Finally, on a professional front, I am writing specialist and editor, who conducts one-on-one sessions via Zoom. I have a BA in English Studies from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in New Media from the University of Amsterdam, where I spent two years as a writing specialist, before—as of now—going solo. Writing wise, I have published numerous articles for the likes of The Spectator, Areo, and others. If you’re an aspiring novelist, academic, or writer in general, wishing to level-up your prose, please feel free to contact me via Essayful or email: dylan@osv.llc.

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